Why We Are Here...

This is all very simple... IAmShallowFund.com is a Fund Raising /Social Networking site that helps establish new friendships through the process of GIVE and TAKE.

Our members can choose the Gift option or the Cash option from the I Am Shallow Fund menu. When the member reaches their Goal, their gift will be shipped directly from the vendor and/or the cash will be sent through PayPal or direct deposit. Everyone's privacy is kept 100% intact.

Do you want to save a whale (personally, we do love whales) or fund a future billionaires invention? If not, You are in the right place. IAmShallowFund.com is all about YOU!

I Am Shallow Fund realizes that there are many funding sites dedicated to truly wholesome acts of kindness, however, our site is dedicated to YOU!

Have fun and enjoy!!!

Your New Friend,

Lawrence Sam